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Welcome to GuideMe

Quality Measures for Guidance
of Job-Seekers in Group Settings

Synthesis Report
Quality Standards

GuideMe! Quality Measures for Guidance of Job-Seekers in Group Settings

The project GuideMe! is an innovation transfer project within the framework of the “Leonardo da Vinci Project”, supported by the European Union.

The aim is to extend the already developed quality guidelines and a curriculum to improve the quality of guidance measures in the context of the previous project QUINORA to "new" countries. Thus a foundation for common EU quality criteria in guidance will be created and applied in new partner countries (Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Poland).

In response to the internationalisation for guidance of job seekers European quality standards and the European perspective of the predecessor project QUINORA will be will be further established.

The project QUINORA (2005 – 2007, includes a curriculum with seven quality domains and a total number of 23 modules, complemented with 48 best practices applicable throughout Europe.

GuideMe! will be transferred to the new partner countries with further translated materials into the new languages, and 16 additional country-specific best practices.

In each country the curriculum will be discussed within four workshops with managers of guidance training activities in training institutions, various labor and education policy-makers (eg. employment agencies in EU countries), engaged in guidance activities, as well as trainers of guidance measures.